Ever wondered how this hypnotizing effect happens when you light a backflow? Well, Keep reading.

Every time I’m lighting an Incense cone after a long day in the office or while I’m meditating I can’t resist looking at this hypnotizing waterfall effect the cones create.

So…how dose it happen?

The aromatic cones are made of frankincense, more types of resin and essential oils (which also gives it this great scent) creates a thick smoke waterfall stream, thicker and heavier than the air surrounding it.

So What dose The Backflow Itself do?

Combined with a small hole in the cone itself and in the Backflow Cone Incense Burner, makes the smoke waterfall stream fall down softly and slowly, giving it a relaxing and tranquilizing vibes.

Helps to apply the right mood after a busy day at work or with family and friends… or simply when you want some quality relaxing time on your own.

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