CHOMAY Stainless Steel Leather Bracelet Two-Tone 5mm Cowhide Viking Hammer Bangle Men 19.5/20.5/21.5cm

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Chomay Fashion Jewelry.

Package includes: 1pc of bracelet and a packing box.

Guile to choose a right length to fit you.
Please Follow this formula:
Order Bracelet Length = Your Wrist Girth + 2~3 cm. E.g. your wrist girth is 17cm, then can order 19cm -20cm bracelet.
Please also note that length error range within 0.5cm is inevitable, because of handwork.

Chomay Leather Bracelet is made of real leather.
It also requires your care. Please see the following tips:
1.Always try to keep it dry away from water.
2.Anit-mold stickers, repellents is neccessary, if keep it in a jewelry box when not in use. Especially not in use for a long time.
3.Polishing /Cosmetics Remover is prohibited to touch it.
4. Do not insolate it, either exposed under sun for more than an hour. Otherwise, its origin softness and texture will get changed possibly.

Thanks for your attention on Chomay jewelry. Please contact us if there is any question.


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