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Thor’s Hammer The God of Lightning, Strength and Storms

Thor’s Hammer The God of Lightning, Strength and Storms

Mjolnir Thor's Hammer Meaning
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Thor Is The Most Powerful Of All Gods

Thor’s Hammer Mjölnir is his greatest weapon. He goes about his task of fighting giants, and the huge serpent Jörmungandr with his monstrous hammer.

He was clad only in his flowing Viking raiment gathered at his waist by his belt Megingjörð. His iron gloves Járngreipr are his only body armor: His staff, Gríðarvölr is his only companion. He strides the earth like a colossus giant.

We find the earliest shadows of Thor’s Hammer in the records of the proto-indo-European tribes. They reached Europe from the steppes of Russia four thousand years ago. Their blood runs thick through the German nations.

Thor was the inspiration of the Vikings who sailed the seven seas in longboats with dragons’ heads to ward off evil. His name resounds in the German ‘Donder’, meaning thunder.

We acknowledge him every Thursday, for that word too came down to us as Thunresdæg, or ‘Thunor’s day’. Historians found more than 50 Mjölnir amulets scattered throughout Scandinavia. The faith was everywhere. 

Proof These Ancient Norse Legends Exist

We have telling archaeological evidence. The descendants of the proto-Indo-Europeans wore Thor’s Hammer amulets to ward off evil as they invaded the Europe mainland.

Imperial Roman legions adopted them from their fierce enemies as they resisted them Residents of the South Tyrolian Alps marked their front doors with the familiar t-shaped symbol as protection against thunderstorms as recently as 1897. 

We ship these amulets to most countries in Thor’s world. We are able to offer 100% satisfaction because we are confident you will love this exquisite piece, We have the privilege of including Thor’s Hammer in our collection of rare jewels for fastidious followers in his powerful tradition.

Our sterling silver pendant with a weighty chain is in a matching silvery case. It makes a lovely gift for all who understand the deeper meaning of Thor’s weapon. You could buy a second one, so you stride out together in heroic style, continuing the tradition.

The Gods Travel Light in Thor’s World

Thor has his hammer Mjölnir for his protection, and his servants Þjálfi and Röskva attend his needs. He travels in an iron chariot hauled by twin goats Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr. Every evening he dines on them for supper. When the sun rises in the morning, they are miraculously reborn.

Thor’s deadliest enemy is Jörmungandr, a huge monster in the Old Norse language. This terrifying serpent is so large it stretches right around the world. It could grasp its tail between its vicious teeth. Thor must slay Jörmungandr before the earth crushes. Völuspá in the Poetic Eda foretells the death of Thor in this way.

“The evil serpent escapes the ocean and poisons the sky with a single deadly breath. Thor kills Jörmungandr with Mjölnir in a single blow. He staggers back for nine paces before he dies from poisoning.

“The sky turns black,” the poet Völuspá says, “before fire engulfs the world. The stars disappear, flames dance before the sky, steam rises, the world is covered in water. And then it rises again, green and fertile.” The fight is over. The Gods have won.

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