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Hushstop Journey – Time Travel Through the Universe with Our Constellation Star Projector

Hushstop Journey – Time Travel Through the Universe with Our Constellation Star Projector

Hushstop Tales

Hushstop Tales

Words of wisdom

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We have gazed up in wonder at the night stars above us since the beginning of time. Yet the uncountable myriads of ‘starry LED’s’ we see are only 5% of the physical universe.

Of the rest, 68% is dark energy that keeps the stars apart and causes them to grow and then disappear in black holes. The remaining 27% is dark matter.

We assume is there because there is nothing else we know.
Astrology slips into our consciousness as we meditate on the atmospheric light that nature made for us.

Dark energy arranged the stars in geometric shapes of twelve aspects of the personality that may influence us.

The Mesopotamians gathered between the sacred Euphrates and Tigris rivers 5,000 years ago to learn this truth. Indians, Chinese and mysterious Mayan prophets used the positions of the stars to predict the future with knowledge from the deity Itzamna.

We captured the wonders of the heavens van Gogh glimpsed with our celestial constellation projector.

This brings the marvel of our Constellation Star Lamp to your life with glittering LED bulbs.

ts atmospheric light draws the signs of the zodiac on the floors, walls, and ceilings of your spaces. Long life LED’s provide choices of yellow, blue, and purple to set your evening mood.

When you fall into a deliciously peaceful sleep, you will time travel in your dreams to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Our secure shipping is free and you can shop with us with confidence.

Many artists have tried to capture galactic mood lighting on canvas. The Dutch artist van Gogh was light-years ahead of his time and beyond most human understanding.

He reaches out to his celestial star lamp in his painting The Starry Night.
“Hope is in the stars,” he wrote. “It would be so simple if life had yet another hemisphere where one lands when one dies.”

Stars influenced out cultures throughout human history.
The Polynesians believed Sirius was their guide across unknown oceans.

Australian aboriginals thought the Magellanic clouds were distant campfires.
In our current era, they are our final frontier where we reach out to discover the origins of the universe.

When we examine the night stars, we look back an unfathomable distance into past time.

Light years fail us because they represent the time light takes to travel over 5.9 trillion miles in a vacuum only.

But quasars and the great sloan wall are billions of light years away from our tiny planet.
The distant universe might have already begun collapsing.

Yet we can take its truth with us everywhere we go with our celestial star lamp.
We tell our friends to ‘reach for the stars’ when we want them to achieve the impossible, and exceed the improbable too.

Let our celestial lamp guide you on your journey. Travel well Reach for the stars in everything you do.

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